Marcel Franck

Our secular know-how

Since 1882 Marcel Franck manufactures luxury perfume atomizers. Our company worked with the most well-known glass-masters and perfumers.
Today we offer two collections: one for Home and another for Traveling or for your Purse.
Our atomizers combine art and technical expertise. They are manufactured by talented craftsmen applying our secular know-how.
We only use the most precious materials such as crystal, brass, gold, palladium, etc.
When acquiring a Marcel Franck product you become the owner of an atomizer reflecting the "Made in France" label and designed to last over generations as illustrated by a very active collector market.

Discover our Story

Marcel Franck


Our perfume atomizers are ideal for customisation and special design features to give them a unique personal identity.

We work with clients to make bespoke atomizers that fulfill their requirements while emboyding our secular know-how and signature.

This can range from simple logo addition to more complex designs, materials and sizes.

We rely for these services on a large pool of artisans based in France and Italy.